Great for you. Great for the planet.

Here at Prof & Doc we have made it our mission to create products that are just as good for the environment as they are for your skin. We have tackled this by making our packaging recyclable as well as ensuring our process and warehouse are as environmentally friendly as possible.


100% Recyclable

The glass bottles sourced are made from recycled materials and cardboard packaging is all 100% recyclable. All of our bottles and packaging are made in the UK to help keep business local and it also helps to reduce our carbon footprint!

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Green Energy

Our manufacturing plant is run on green energy powered by solar panels. We also have electric car charging points to help reduce the carbon footprint of employees travelling to and from our warehouse. Our warehouse has a zero-waste policy and uses eco-friendly shipment packaging to ship all orders.

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Watercress Supply

We get our watercress supply from The Watercress Company. We are able to use The Watercress Company's excess watercress for our products which helps to improve the efficiency of farming.

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Watercress Extract

Prof & Doc ® watercress extract is created through a complex refinery process. During the process, 3 products are made. The main product is watercress extract which is used in all of our product ranges. We also get 2 by-products, a watercress fibre and protein. The two by-products are currently not utilised. To help become a zero-waste company, we aim to utilise these by-products by 2027. This will mean that all parts of the watercress plant are used and there will be no waste or excess.

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Tree Planting with


We have partnered with Carma to further improve our environmental impact. With every product that is purchased on our website, Carma will plant 1 tree. Currently all of our trees have been planted in Kenya however as we grow our tree planting locations will too!