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Watercress Mist

Watercress Mist

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Introducing Prof & Doc ® Watercress Mist, the newest addition to your skincare routine. Our novel mist, enriched with 10% Prof & Doc's ® watercress extract, has been specially formulated to sooth and help protect your skin against irritation. Its gentle and lightweight formula ensures a refreshing experience, with no greasy residue or heavy oils left behind. 

  • Gluten Free
  • Natural Ingredient
  • Vegan

Please Note

Due to variations in the watercress plant, the colour of the cream may vary slightly. This is normal for a natural product and you should not worry.

Who is it for?

Watercress Cream has been clinically tested and dermatologically approved to be suitable for all skin types including babies and sensitive skin.

How to use

Spray onto cleansed skin before any other cosmetics are applied. Apply 3-4 pumps evenly across the face. Apply as needed on the body.




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  • Skin Soothing.

    Prof & Doc ® watercress extract possesses soothing properties that calm and comfort the skin making it ideal for all areas of the body.

  • Suitable for all skin types.

    Prof & Doc ® watercress extract has been clinically tested and dermatologically approved for use on all skin types including babies and sensitive skin.

  • Helps to protect from skin irritation.

    Formulated using Prof & Doc ® watercress extract, the naturally occurring compounds in the watercress plant help reduce redness and help to protect against skin irritation.

Powered by Watercress. Proven by Science.

Watercress Mist is light and subtle. With 10% Prof & Doc ® extract, application is perfect for all areas of the body, and can be a particularly refreshing addition to a facial cleansing regime. It is comfortable to use on areas covered by clothing, and can be applied discretely throughout the day as needed. 


We are an all-vegan brand, helping to make skincare accessible to all. Our packaging is all recyclable and sourced in the UK. We use the excess from The Watercress Company which is surplus to requirement and helps to reduce farm waste.

No added colourants.

We have chosen not to add any colourants to all of our products to ensure it is as natural as possible.

Natural Fragrance.

At Prof & Doc ® we have made the decision not to add any chemical fragrance and instead use the natural smell that watercress extract has. As a result, no batch is ever the same.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Excellent service and amazing product

Ordered several of the watercress mist and they work wonderfully for my scalp and face. Highly recommended.

Tamsin Dower

Love this. Really refreshing and hydrating. Using it to set my makeup instead of my usual facial mist. I will be sticking with this one from now on!

Peter Darke
Impressive start

Great service from a new business. Good pre-sale advice and updates and then very prompt delivery with first order. Well packaged and very effective products. Great to see this new range enter the market. Looking forward to more items in the range.

Kala Campbell
Hydration Saviour!

I bought the toner and serum. The toner is as good as any other I have used. Love the consistency of the serum! Unlike others, it's thicker and goes a long way! My skin was uncomfortably dry before using these products but within a fortnight it was so much better! Now it feels like my skin is getting the hydration it craved😃 Well done! ✨

Susie Burrage
Watercress serum & spray

I have an itchy rash - thought to be related to stress
(recent bereavement). The watercress products aided with a slight calming/cooling effect. Thank you
and best wishes with this natural product.