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Watercress Serum

Watercress Serum

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Prof & Doc ® Watercress Serum contains 93% Prof & Doc's ® watercress extract which is proven to be soothing and help protect against skin irritation. As it is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin, Watercress Serum is the perfect solution to giving your skin a natural boost.

  • Gluten Free
  • Natural Ingredient
  • Vegan

Please Note

Due to variations in the watercress plant, the colour of the serum may vary slightly. This is normal for a natural product and you should not worry.


- 93% Watercress Extract
- 7% Preservatives

Who is it for?

Watercress Serum is suitable for all skin types and the perfect solution for all baby changes and adult care.

How to use

Apply 2-3 drops onto cleansed face and gently rub in. Apply twice a day.


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  • Skin Soothing.

    Prof & Doc ® watercress extract possesses soothing properties that calm and comfort the skin making it ideal for all areas of the body.

  • Suitable for all skin types.

    Prof & Doc ® watercress extract has been clinically tested and dermatologically approved for use on all skin types including babies and sensitive skin.

  • Help to protect from skin irritation.

    Formulated using Prof & Doc ® watercress extract, the naturally occurring compounds in the watercress plant help reduce redness and help to protect against skin irritation.

Powered by Watercress. Proven by Science.

Watercress Serum is our powerhouse product. Comprised of 93% watercress extract, it offers the full benefit of Prof & Doc ® watercress extract. It is the ideal solution for creases, folds and problem skin, but can equally be applied anywhere on the body. As we don’t add any fragrances or colourings to the serum, colour and smell may vary batch to batch. This is our flagship product and is perfect for those looking for a natural product.

100% Vegan.

We are an all-vegan brand, helping to make skincare accessible to all. Our packaging is all recyclable and sourced in the UK. We use the excess from The Watercress Company which is surplus to requirement and helps to reduce farm waste.

No added colourants.

We have chosen not to add any colourants to all of our products to ensure it is as natural as possible.

Natural Fragrance.

At Prof & Doc ® we have made the decision not to add any chemical fragrance and instead use the natural smell that watercress extract has. As a result, no batch is ever the same.

Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Tamsin Dower
Lovely product

Ordered this to improve my facial eczema. Have used it for a week and can already see an improvement. It’s really cooling and refreshing. Will be sticking with this.

The only thing that has worked

Nothing, I mean nothing has worked before for my friends eczema, GP’s prescribed steroid cream and moisturiser to no avail. 7 days after he started Prof and Doc serum it has completely cleared up- an awesome product!

Lorna Gebbe
Used after botox for redness

I used the serum on my skin after my quarterly botox injections. I often get a little puffy skin and redness around the injection site and I applied the serum after. I found that the redness went away within a few minutes and the puffiness reduced too. I also find that often I am quite itchy around the site and also found this really soothing and cool to my skin which helped me not to itch! Will be buying the 50ml serum so that I can apply after each treatment!

Watercress serum

Great product. Helped to clear my skin. Loved using a natural remedy

Ruth Watson
Watercress Serum

Service was brilliant - the product came so quickly after order. Unfortunately, my grandchild aged 3 complained that the serum stung. Do you think this might be possible? He has eczema so possibly some broken skin. I’d love your comments?