Where to apply our products

Do you want to know where and how to apply our products? Take a look below to find out. Please note that all our products are for external use only, but suitable for all skin types.

Applying Watercress Mist

Prof & Doc Watercress Mist is light and subtle. With 10% Prof & Doc extract, application is perfect for all areas of the body, and can be a particularly refreshing addition to a facial cleansing regime. It is comfortable to use on areas covered by clothing, and can be applied discretely throughout the day as needed.

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Applying Watercress Serum

Watercress Serum is our powerhouse product. Comprised of 93% watercress extract, it offers the full benefit of Prof & Doc watercress extract. It is the ideal solution for creases, folds and problem skin, but can equally be applied anywhere on the body. As we don’t add any fragrances or colourings to the serum, colour and smell may vary batch to batch. This is our flagship product and is perfect for those looking for a natural product.

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Applying Watercress Cream

Watercress Cream is an ideal everyday skin cream for those who favour a traditional cream. Containing 10% Prof & Doc extract, it can be used all over the body and can be applied multiple times throughout the day as needed. 

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